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Sella has been leading the dynamic team here at Manengkel Solidaritas, since she founded the organisation in 2015. She has over 9 years of experience working in environmental conservation and sustainable developemnt. She graduated from Jakarta Saint Mary's College with a degree in Business Administration, and from the Foreign Language School in Jakarta. Sella has a vibrant energy and a strong passion for spreading awareness for biodiversity conservation. 

Sella Runtulalo

Founder & Advisor


Erlando is responsible for ensuring that each program runs according to a predetermined plan, supervising the program coordinators, and establishing communication with our organizational advisers. He joined us in 2018 as a Community Officer and now serves as one of the front lines of the organization.

Erlando Tumangken

Head of Operations

Board of Advisors

Gustaf is actively involved in giving advice for the management, improvement and development of our organisation. He has a Bachelor in Marine Sciences from the Samratulangi University, Indonesia, a Masters from Aarhus University, Denmark, and a Ph.D from James Cook University, Australia. He is currently a lecturer at Samratulangi University.

Gustaf Mamangkey

Project Advisor

Mercy actively advises Manengkel Solidaritas in order to improve its different projects. He graduated from the School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, James Cook University, Qld Australia, 2011. He is a lecturer at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Manado State University.

Mercy Rampengan

Project Advisor

Program Coordinators


Steven previously worked with several NGOs that support community empowerment, environmental education, conservation and development of tourism destinations. He started working with Manengkel in 2021 as the coordinator of the conservation initiative program.

Steven Siwu

MPA & Conservation Program Coordinator


Samsul is the coordinator of Sustainable Fisheries and Alternative Livelihood programs here at Manengkel. He graduated from Hasanuddin University with a Bachelor of Marine Sciences and worked for the Indonesian Marine Conservation Foundation (YKL) before joining our team in 2018. Samsul is currently leading the thriving livelihood program on Lembeh island.  

Samsul Bahri

Fisheries & Livelihood
Program Coordinator


Edwin is the coordinator of the MINUT LESTARI Waste Management Program. He studied under the Faculty of Letters & Humanities at Sam Ratulangi University and was involved in activities of the Marine Protected Areas ATSAS. Edwin enjoys working closely with the community to share knowledge on developing environmental issues, with the hope that through education, our society will develop a meaningful connection with the natural environment.

Edwin Tumoka

Waste Management
Program Coordinator


Jorly has been the Agricultural Program coordinator here at Manengkel since 2022. He graduated from Sam Ratulangi University in the Faculty of Agriculture and participated in the soil science study program. Jorly is proud to protect and conserve the environment, and directly contribute to the sustainability of our planet as a member of the Manengkel team.

Jorly Tindage

Sustainability Farming
Program Coordinator


Andi lives in the village of Bahowo, one of Manengkel Solidaritas program sites. He has a background in mangrove conservation. He joined the Manengkel team in 2021 and become the field co-ordinator for Biodiversity and Conservation. Andi is passionate about the conservation of marine ecosystems and improving the livelihood of coastal communities, particularly in his home village. 

Andi Gusti

Rainforest Conservation
Program Coordinator


Robin is the Coordinator of Coastal Rehabilitation and Community Development programs here at Manengkel.  He graduated from Sam Ratulangi Faculty of Letters and was involved in the ‘Papuan Independent Reading Terrace, Merauke’ activity. Robin finds working with Manengkel Solidarity extremely rewarding, as it enables him to take real action to protect the environment and make a direct contribution towards maintaining the sustainability of the earth. 

Robin Dambudjai

Coastal Rehabilitation
Program Coordinator


Nadine joined Manengkel as the Stunting Prevention Program coordinator on April 2023, right after she graduated from Sam Ratulangi University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Science. She previously participated in sorts of programs related to marine conservation and environmental sustainability. Working with Manengkel enables Nadine to live her passion and be more involved in helping the local community.

Nadine Mamangkey

Community Development
Program Coordinator


Viane recently joined Manangkel as the Stunting Prevention Program coordinator in May of this year. She has previous experience working as a community assistant in the in the community empowerment field. Viane is passionate about building a healthy community and enhancing their relationship with the natural environment

Viane Rares

Stunting Prevention
Program Coordinator


Xaxa has been the database officer and program co-ordinator here at Manengkel since 2022. He graduated from Sam Ratulangi University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Sciences. Xaxa is passionate about creating positive change to protect the local and global marine environment.

Xaxa Kai

Program Coordinator & Database Officer



Elisabeth has been the co-ordinator of Finance and Administration here at Manengkel since 2019. She graduated from Manado State University with a Bachelor of Accounting. Having previously worked as a mentor for young children, Elisabeth is passionate about the sustainable development of her community and facilitating their emotional connection with the thriving biodiversity in their local coastal environment. 

Elisabeth Mandalika

Finance & Administration



Grace has been a core member of the finance team here at Manengkal since 2022. She graduated from Manado State Polytechnic with a degree in Finacial Accounting and has background in administration working for private companies. She is thrilled to bring her financial skills to Manegkal and contribute to a solidarity that supports local people and the natural environment. .

Grace Nay

Finance Staff

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