Our team

Viando is the Chairperson of Manengkel Solidaritas, responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the organization. Viando's focus is on ensuring that programs and activities are efficient and effective whilst achieving the mission and vision of the organization. He is responsible for developing a strong communication network between Manengkel Solidaritas and key stakeholders, government partners and district and provincial advisers regarding marine and coastal sustainability policy reforms. He is also responsible for hiring and managing the team of highly motivated employees and volunteers.

Erlando is responsible for environmental education namely "Skolah Sei Pante" program. He educates local children about the importance of conservation and provides them with information regarding the coastal and marine environments of North Sulawesi region. Erland also taking care for volunteers management 

Gustaf is actively involved in giving advice for the management, improvement and development of our organisation. He has a Bachelor in Marine Sciences from the Samratulangi University, Indonesia, a Masters from Aarhus University, Denmark, and a Ph.D from James Cook University, Australia. He is currently a lecturer at Samratulangi University.

Mercy actively advises Manengkel Solidaritas in order to improve its different projects. He graduated from the School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, James Cook University, Qld Australia, 2011. He is a lecturer at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Manado State University.

Archi is our Community Empowerment Coordinator, in charge of engaging with local communities on how they can improve there local habitat whilst also providing new avenues for income for themselves.

Michael gives the artistic contributions to our organisation, from designing our logo to making layouts for models to teach to the children of coastal communities.

Edwin supports our community empowerment efforts with Archi. He helps engage and empower local communities to work in harmony with the natural world rather than in conflict with it.


for the coastal and marine environment

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