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Volunteers testimonies

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I did not know what to expect when I arrived at Manengkel and was right away warmly welcomed in the team. This is sick all that we did: from teaching in schools about Mangrove protection, travelling to Sangihe islands to teach eco-tourism in a village, and planting trees! The NGO is crazy active and I loved it.

Sella, first thank you for trusting me and letting me a chance to volunteer for a cause that I really value, also thank you for letting me work on each project I was interested in, even when I had no experience in it! And last but not least, thank you for making it feel like home from the very beginning.

The team is amazing, the projects are amazing and the cause we stand for is amazingly worth it!

Flora, France

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Terima Kasih !!!

I've had the most amazing experience here with all of you and I will miss you dearly.

You are true activists and the work you are doing is brilliant! Thank you for letting me be part of your fantastic team! 

Tidak selamat tingal meskipun, hanya sampai nanti ! Saya akan kembali ! Banyak cinta.

Naomi, UK

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Sella and Sony,

Thank you for adopting us! It was a pleasure and the greatest experience to live with your family.

We learned a lot about environment conservation! Even though we have not seen sea turtles in Bunaken, the reef was beautiful and we are happy that you take care of them. It is very important what you are doing so just keep on going!

We are sure no more plastic could be found on the beaches and all the fishes, turtles, corals and mangroves will be happy!

We will be back one day to help you!

Emilia & Bartek, Polandia

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