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Ellie, UK

I had a fantastic two weeks volunteering with Manengkel Solidaritas. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and at ease. Sella bought me medicine as I was sick when I arrived, as well as inviting myself and the other volunteers to their family villa in a nearby town, Tomohon for the weekend. 


At the start of the volunteering, we were introduced to the current projects and could decide the areas we wanted to help out with each week. I had the opportunity to visit Kapitu, a rural fishing village, where we helped monitor and plant mangroves as well as help the local women’s group prepare soil bags to grow oyster mushrooms, which they can sell for their livelihoods. We also spent a lot of time with the cute local kids, who were eager to learn English and we did some informal lessons and games with them on the beach. 


I also helped plant trees at a resort and at the foot of Mount Klabat, create some new webpages, create and publish new social media content and contribute to writing a new grant proposal. This made for a really interesting and varied time. It’s clear the charity are doing some incredibly important and impactful work here. I’d like to thank everyone again for such a warm welcome. I would love to come back and volunteer again if I get the chance.


Margot, France

I volunteered at Manengkel Solidaritas for 2 weeks, but it felt like I stayed here for a week only; I wish I could stay here longer if I did not have any further plans. I felt home from the very first day, and the projects I have been helping on are so interesting and varied. We went in Kapitu Village to plant and monitor the mangroves and prepare the soil bags of the oyster mushrooms with the local community. We also spent a lot of time with the kids from the village, it was a unique experience. Then, we have been planting trees in different places. Also, I have worked on their social media, editing and publishing content. There is always something you can work on when you volunteer here ! 
What I enjoyed the most during this volunteering is working on projects that have a real positive impact on the environment and the lives of local people, and this, always in a great and fun atmosphere! The Manengkel team is unique (so lovely, caring, funny...), and I would like to thank them again for welcoming me. They are passionate about what they do and stand for, I learnt so much with them. I am going to miss them a lot, and I hope to have the opportunity to volunteer here again in the future. 

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Flora, France

I did not know what to expect when I arrived at Manengkel and was right away warmly welcomed in the team. This is sick all that we did: from teaching in schools about Mangrove protection, travelling to Sangihe islands to teach eco-tourism in a village, and planting trees! The NGO is crazy active and I loved it.
Sella, first thank you for trusting me and letting me a chance to volunteer for a cause that I really value, also thank you for letting me work on each project I was interested in, even when I had no experience in it! And last but not least, thank you for making it feel like home from the very beginning.
The team is amazing, the projects are amazing and the cause we stand for is amazingly worth it!

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Terima Kasih !!!
I've had the most amazing experience here with all of you and I will miss you dearly.
You are true activists and the work you are doing is brilliant! Thank you for letting me be part of your fantastic team! 
Tidak selamat tingal meskipun, hanya sampai nanti ! Saya akan kembali ! Banyak cinta.

Naomi, UK

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Sella and Sony,
Thank you for adopting us! It was a pleasure and the greatest experience to live with your family.
We learned a lot about environment conservation! Even though we have not seen sea turtles in Bunaken, the reef was beautiful and we are happy that you take care of them. It is very important what you are doing so just keep on going!
We are sure no more plastic could be found on the beaches and all the fishes, turtles, corals and mangroves will be happy!
We will be back one day to help you!

Emilia & Bartek,

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