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Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and counts no less than 272 million inhabitants. Among them, 28 million Indonesians lack safe water. There is a crucial stake in quickly merging the gap between the growing demand for water and the supplies that are practically and sustainably available.


With more than 70% of water demand used by agriculture, this gap currently puts food security and food prices security at risk, as well as industry, and urban areas for example. This is mainly why Manengkel Solidaritas decided to act for water conservation. 

Manado Tua is a village located in North Sulawesi inside the Bunaken National Park where our water conservation implemented in 2019 to 2020. The works are developed Rain Water Harvesting System where this provides drinking water to the local people that already having difficulties with freshwater. Installing bio pores, and create water reservoirs to maintain water volumes. 


  • Step 1

We install some pipes on roofs in a village located on Manado Tua island to make sure rainwater can easily be collected during the wet season.

  • Step 2

Dig a well in the soil and put a couple of drums connected with pipes, making sure we can collect all the rainwater possible.

  • Step 3

We make sure to connect pipes to the drum and bury or cover from the sun in a way that water will be surely preserved and will not evaporate.

  • Step 4

One time we have all the drums and pipes installed we make sure that the local people understand how it's work and we proceed to give to each house from the island one filter. With this filter, the people will be able to use the rainwater for cook, drink.. whatever they choose.


Installation of the pipes on the roof


Connecting the pipe to the drum

Filter system

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