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Status: Ongoing, since 2015

In North Sulawesi there used to be mangroves everywhere. Today they only can be found in a few places. Manengkel Solidaritas is protecting a area of 18 hectare. The main goal of this project was to restore degraded mangrove habitat and the success is visible.


  • Many coastal communities are using mangroves too extensively, significantly degrading their local marine environments

  • Destruction of mangroves is significantly reducing both the number and size of fish

  • Another effect of the destruction is degrading natural barriers against floodings that mangroves provide to coastal communities


  • Replanting and rehabilitating mangroves is one of the primary conservation activities

  • Training in new sustainable practices, such as establishing mangrove nurseries and replanting and cleaning debris and plastic from areas where mangroves used to grow are crucial measures for restoring mangrove habitats

  • Create active involvement of communities in restoring mangroves through environmental education into mangrove ecosystems for the whole community


  • Manengkel Solidaritas, with Tarabitan village community, planted ten thousand mangrove seeds and

  • A monthly monitoring system was established to record the progress of the new mangrove habitat

  • Data was gathered over the period of one year and evaluation showed that 98% of planted seeds survived and are still growing.

Taking care of the baby mangrove trees.

Planting seeds, which are old enough.

This project is supported by :

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