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PT TIV Airmadidi Factory has formally designated the Kaki Dian area with an area of ​​3.6 hectares as a Biodiversity Program development area. The main activities of this program are flora preservation, research, innovation development, environmental education, and community empowerment.
Kaki Dian Natural Park is part of the Mount Klabat ecosystem and is located in Airmadidi Atas District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. This park is at an altitude of 500 – 650 m above sea level and is categorized as a lowland rainforest ecosystem. Lowland rainforests are known for their high biodiversity but also have a big threat, namely land change or deforestation.
Kaki Dian is located at the foot of Mount Klabat which is part of the upstream Tondano River Basin (DAS). This region has abundant natural resource potential, is the largest spring source in North Sulawesi, has high biodiversity, and has protected endemic biota.
The importance of the existence of Mount Klabat and also Kaki Dian is one of the reasons underlying the implementation of the Kehati program to be implemented at that location.


Implementation of the Sustainable Minut Care Program in 2023 aims to: 

  1. Support the strategic program of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2023 in an effort to equalize and grow tourism and creative economy areas throughout Indonesia. 

  2. Protect and preserve the biodiversity of native/local flora and fauna which is becoming rare (almost extinct).

  3. A green open area that can become a water catchment. Providing a location that can become a center for research, innovation, education, and community empowerment.


    Kehati's innovative proposal has two key activities: firstly, a collaborative session held on February 23, 2023, involving the Village Government, local community groups, and representatives from PT. Tirta Investama Airmadidi Factory, aimed at conceptualizing a biodiversity-centric tourism village in Tumaluntung. Following fruitful discussions, the Village Government pledged to integrate stakeholders' insights into the village's development plan.
    Secondly, a meeting convened with BRIN researchers on March 6, 2023, focused on exploring biodiversity park surveying and potential innovations. This collaboration yielded a Kehati innovation proposal book with an ISBN, featuring patent-worthy technologies stemming from the monitoring survey of Kaki Dian biodiversity, currently pending publication. These endeavors underscore Kehati's commitment to inclusive community engagement and sustainable development practices.

    The socialization activity on February 23, 2023, convened stakeholders from Tumaluntung Village to discuss the establishment of a Conservation-based Tourism Village, vital for introducing the latest program models and development plans, and enhancing community understanding of PT Tirta Investama Airmadidi Factory's initiatives and their potential benefits. With Mr. Richard Kamagi, SH, Head of Tumaluntung Village, endorsing PT Tirta Investama's contributions, the event facilitated dialogue among 30 participants, including village officials, PT Tirta Investama representatives, Indonesian Tourism Personnel (IPI), Pokdarwis, Gapoktan, farmer groups, and Manengkel Solidarity. Additionally, collaborative efforts between PT Tirta Investama's Management team and Non-CSR Staff empowered the community through tree planting activities on multiple occasions, fostering sustainability and community engagement.

    The biodiversity analysis, spearheaded by researchers from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), follows extensive monitoring and data collection efforts within the Kaki Dian Biodiversity Park. The resultant findings are synthesized into a comprehensive document, slated for official registration via ISBN. Notably, the analysis reveals promising trends, with the biodiversity index showcasing an upward trajectory, reaching 3.99 in 2023 according to the Shanon method, indicating high diversity and ecosystem stability. Additionally, the evenness index nears the ideal value of 1, signifying a stable community, while the species richness index reflects significant growth, with 18 new species identified. Conducted by BRIN Manado, the survey encompasses diverse flora and fauna, with meticulous data analysis employing various indices to assess biodiversity dynamics effectively.

    The research on the positive impact of biodiversity management, conducted by a BRIN research team within the 3.6-hectare expanse of the Kaki Dian Biodiversity Park, focused on ecosystem components and biodiversity impact. Data collection encompassed the presence of animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles, and butterflies, alongside assessing carbon storage in trees with a diameter exceeding 10 centimeters. Findings revealed the park's rich vegetation diversity, reflected in a high tree diversity index (3.95) and richness index (15.88), indicative of stable conditions. Furthermore, the park demonstrated a high biodiversity index (3.9), housing various animal species. Notably, the potential biomass and carbon storage for trees with a diameter exceeding 20 centimeters were estimated at 42.38 tonnes per hectare or 21.20 tonnes per hectare of carbon, with projections indicating further increases with the inclusion of additional tree species and vegetation types at various growth stages.

    In 2023, biodiversity and conservation activities were published both in print and online news media. Throughout the year, the program team shared updates on program activities via mass media and the program's social media accounts.

    Efforts to develop the Kaki Dian Biodiversity Garden involved multiple meetings with stakeholders to prepare the Regent's Decree. These meetings, held on various dates throughout 2023, included discussions with the Regent, Deputy Regent, Assistant II, and representatives from various governmental offices, PUD Klabat, PT TIV Airmadidi, and Manengkel Solidarity. The discussions focused on the condition of the Kehati tourist attraction, the PT TIV program, and the collaborative management and development of the Kehati area. Technical meetings were also convened to draft Collaboration Forum SK documents, activity plans, and strategies. These efforts culminated in the formulation of the final draft of the Regent's Decree, with subsequent coordination and preparation for ratification activities, including site clean-up and repairs in preparation for the signing ceremony. Additionally, advocacy activities targeting school children were conducted to raise awareness about the importance of the Kaki Dian area as a water catchment area and to educate them about biodiversity conservation. These educational sessions engaged students from SMP Negeri 1 Airmadidi, SMA Negeri 1 Airmadidi, and SMA Negeri 8 Manado, fostering understanding, participation, and social awareness regarding conservation efforts.


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