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The full harmony between humans and nature, to ensure a sustainable and healthy status of terrestrial and marine ecosystems for a better life.

Mangroove rehabilitation (1)

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To protect biodiversity and natural resources by increasing awareness of conservation issues and increasing involvement of local communities; and to be at the forefront in building relationships with stakeholders at the local, regional, national and international levels by: 

Mangroove rehabilitation (2)

  1. Producing and disseminating data and information that is accurate, current and relevant to support the management of ecosystems and natural resources;

  2. Raising awareness about the significance of biodiversity and identify efforts to preserve it;

  3. Creating, developing and disseminating environmentally friendly technological approaches;

  4. Protecting and conserving biodiversity at village, district and provincial levels;

  5. Developing networks with stakeholders by planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and developing programs related to the utilization and management of natural resources;

  6. Increasing internal capacity and develop Human Resources and others;

  7. Building the capacity of local governments and supporting the development of appropriate policies and programs to support community participation and sustainable management of natural resources.

Turtle conservation

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