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Status: Ongoing, since 2016

The people at the coast of North Sulawesi depend on the coastal and marine resources. This project functions as a support for community-based action to recover and protect marine species and sites. The Project is expected to decrease destructive habits of the people living with coastal and marine ecosystems and to have a long-term impact on the protection of rare habitats and endangered species in Indonesia.


  • Coastal and marine resources are endangered through destructive behaviors 

  • Corals are bleaching and dying because of different factors
  • People living at the coast are often unaware of the long-term effects of their fishing techniques
Diver at work

Diver at work (1)

Diver is fixing the corals


  • Develop and strengthen community institutions and regulations for the management of community-based Marine Protected areas

  • Improve the knowledge, skills and initiative of the local people through community awareness campaigns 

  • Build up the local capacity at both the operational and managerial level 

  • Improve the availability, quality and use of data of the local marine environment

  • Identify local communities that have a strong commitment towards long term improvements in marine resource management

  • Implementation of legal regulations, for example, the facilitation of communication between local communities and the government


  • Successful implementation of the project:

    • in Minahasa: Ranowangko-2, Atep Oki villages

    • and in North Minahasa Districts: Bahoi, Tarabitan, Tanah Putih, Pulisan, Tambun, and Lihunu villages

  • Minimization of the destructive habits of the local people, who used to exploit natural resources of the marine ecosystem with illegal practices

  • Valuable cooperation between the local administration and other related organizations

  • Increased awareness in local communities about conservation issues and improved management of natural resources with the support of law enforcement including increased surveillance and reporting of threatening and illegal practices


Diver at work (2)

New corals

Fixing the corals

Diver at work (3)

This project is supported by :

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