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Status: Ongoing, since 2018

Turtles are wonderful creatures, but they are endangered. Climate change, pollution, and tourists are responsible for worldwide decreasing numbers of the turtle population. In North Sulawesi, another big factor is a tradition, which is quite common in many villages along the coasts: Hunting and eating turtles. The conservation project strives to monitor the numbers of the turtle population, to protect them, to hatch new generations and to educate people about the consequences of their doing. 


  • People in the Minahasa district disobey the current law, which forbids the killing of turtles

  • The turtle population is decreasing, all species are endangered - some are even severely endangered

  • Educate and train the people in the villages to protect turtles instead of contributing to their extinction

Monitoring the numbers of eggs


  • For now, the project started as a pilot in the Ranowangko 2 village, people from the village work voluntary on the project

  • Turtle monitoring: counting, filling in turtle profiles

  • survey activity

  • Building infrastructure: maintaining a hatchery, protecting the boundaries of the turtle area nesting zone in Ranowangko

  • Education campaign: to raise awareness of the endangered situation of the turtles


Protection zone for the nests

Checking the eggs

Team picture (1)

Team picture (2)

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