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The 2023 Community Empowerment Program managed by the Solidarity Manengkel Association in the Tumaluntung Village area, Kauditan District, and Airmadidi Bawah Subdistrict, Airmadidi District, North Minahasa is an initiative that aims to provide knowledge to the general public about the application of regenerative agriculture. 

The overall aim of this program is to empower local communities in aspects of agriculture and cottage industry and contribute to the overall improvement of the environment.


(1) Big Goals of the Program

The program's main goal is to encourage improvements in community welfare in Tumaluntung Village and Airmadidi Bawah Subdistrict through the development of agricultural businesses that apply regenerative farming methods, and the development of home industry products that remain focused on environmental conservation efforts.

(2) Final Goal

What we hope to achieve is the implementation of a Community Empowerment program to increase awareness among all involved parties about the importance of conserving natural resources sustainably. This program also aims to encourage the community to create new sources of income through sustainable agricultural land management practices, as well as by developing various products from home industries. Thus, this program not only aims to preserve nature but also provides economic encouragement to the community through sustainable efforts in the agricultural and home industry sectors.

(3) Inter-Project Goals 

  1. This program aims to transform 13.6 hectares of agricultural land into a learning center open to the general public, creating an educational environment and providing insight into agriculture.

  2. This program seeks to support more efficient water use in agricultural land management. Apart from that, this program utilizes slurry from biogas reactors to produce compost that is useful for program beneficiary families.

  3. This program also has a strong focus on environmental conservation by implementing a regenerative agriculture model. This model is implemented directly by a guided farmers group, creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural system.

  4. This program supports home industry groups intending to increase their income and expand knowledge about their products to the wider community.


Thus, this program integrates various initiatives aimed at community empowerment, sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation, as well as support for home industry groups.


  1. Conducted social and economic mapping surveys in the program area.

  2. Group based land mapping survey activities.

  3. Facilitating meetings with each group assisted by the program.

  4. Inter-group training programs

  5. Developing the program locations into learning places

  6. The construction of 1 Learning House Unit at the location of the regenerative agriculture program.

  7. The digging of 30 water absorption channels across the project site.

  8. Facilitating the Regenerative Agriculture group to obtain capacity development to support the group's main activities.

  9. Helping in marketing access for group agricultural products in the Airmadidi District area. 

  10. Construction of a center for making organic fertilizer from vegetable waste resulting from group activities

  11. Monitoring and maintenance of the physical condition of the biogas reactor and its distribution channels.

  12. Collect biogas reactor waste to be used as compost for organic farming.

  13. Organizing a land planning process, such as making planting beds by paying attention to aesthetic elements for tourism.

  14. Managing group business permits.

  15. Carrying out an Impact survey on beneficiaries to measure the increase in income and the direct and indirect benefits felt.

  16. General Monitoring.

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