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Trash on fire.

A fire broke out at the Sumompo Landfill in Manado. This landfill area is around 10 hectares large. This mountain of trash with all the warm months with little to no rain amplifies the hazard risks. So the dry and hot environment combined with the high levels of methane gas in the garbage piles are believed to be the reason for the fire. With the size of the landfill and the share mass of the trash, this fire was a heavy job for the city of Manado.

To help, the Manengkel solidarites intervened and provided support to their recycling facility to aid from the fire.

On wednesday 11th of october the Manengkel team gathered together with the help of sponsorship from Aqua water at their recycling warehouse facility to provide safety essential equipment for the workers.

The whole operation was a team effort led by Edwin who is the head of plastic waste program.

In the morning the team was preparing all the equipment and also packing up some nice lunch boxes for the workers.

I and two other volunteers, Annika and Sunjoon accompanied on this project. My job was to film and take photos of the event.

We packed up and were on our way to the warehouse. I noticed a difference in the air as we got closer to the landfill because of the thick smoke.

We arrived at the warehouse and met the workers. The workers there were a group of hard working women and men with kind smiles on their faces. Their job is to separate different kinds of plastic for recycling, focusing on plastic bottles. Plastic bottles has an economic value of Rp, 2000/kg.

The essential products for the workers were handed out. All together 1200 masks were provided that will last the year. Gloves, protective shoes were given out and as well cutting tools to separate the plastic more efficiently. These essentials are crucial for a better and safer working environment.

Thanks for letting us be part of it!


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